Flexible Homes

Flexible Floorplans, Flexible Lifestyles & Flexible Future

A Future Living Home is a flexible home you can move into right now, regardless of how soon you plan to retire, with multiple products and plans surrounded by a thriving community with friends, activities, and amenities. Each home adapts to your lifestyle as it changes. Knowing you live in a home that is able to adapt with you can give you comfort and security.

Investments in your future revolve around finances and lifestyle. At the Future Living Community, we realize buying a home is an investment, a combination of financial and lifestyle commitments. Future Living Homes come in a variety of options including single family homes, cottages, and bungalows, condominiums, and assisted living facilities.

Future Living Homes are situated within thriving communities with diverse amenities, people, and services. The Future Living Community has something for everyone. Younger families will find schools and entertainment and older generations will find the peace and security in their golden years.

Below are a few examples of how a Future Living Home can meet needs now and in the future. The possibilities are endless.

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Young Families with Children Becoming Independent
How about a home where your children can have their own part of the house? Maybe not yet, but perhaps in a few years? They can stay under your roof and under your loving care but start to enjoy some freedom and independence.

Their part of the house is still yours and you can still have a say in how it is treated and cared for, but without the tension from both sides. Independence where you are just a door away.

An Adult Child with Special Needs

Do you have a child that is old enough to live alone, but not quite able to entirely look after themselves? A Future Living Home gives everyone the ability to have the freedom and independence they need while you are just a room away from providing any assistance.

It is very liberating for a young adult to be given freedom that is normally enjoyed without all the fears and concerns that adulthood might introduce. A Future Living Home is a place for your young adult to enjoy their life with you close by to assist, if needed.

An Elderly Parent
Perhaps their life has taken a turn. Do they feel safe or responsible? Do they just want company?

How beautiful would it be to have your parents living with you without compromising their privacy and yours?

Future Living Homes offers independent living to your parents without intruding on your lifestyle; only one door away from enjoying each other and helping each other.